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How much do Entrepreneurs actually have to work?



So you own your business, you're an entrepreneur - how many hours do you think you work a week?  Do you lose count most weeks?

Does it feel like you are working every hour God sends?

Yup, that's pretty common :)

But is that how it's meant to be? 

Is there a better way?

Ask any successful entrepreneur out there, and they will resoundingly agree that in the beginning it is true, there is no one that will care about your business like you do.  So there is no one that is going to work as hard on the business as you are, or be as dedicated as you are, or lose sleep over it like you will... Accepting this fact, and accepting the fact that the season of starting a business or laying the foundations for your entrepreneurial success is going to be tough at times really will help you navigate this period.

We already covered focusing on focus in an earlier article, and certainly learning to have laser sharp attention trained on your high impact, core...

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What should entrepreneurs focus on?


So, entrepreneurs, it's all on you (no pressure).  

You are your own boss, you're the marketing director, you're the CFO, you may be your own assistant. 

Do you ever feel unsure what to focus on?

It might go a little bit like this: "yes, today I definitely want to work on building my product... that will help me make money.... but I want to sell it on my site... so I'll tinker with that for a bit... but wait, I want to advertise it on social media so I better watch that webinar now... oh... maybe I'll just have a cookie and a cup of coffee and scroll through my Facebook feed instead"

We are all guilty of jumping from project to project at times!  It can be really hard to decide what to focus on.

There are definitely core, revenue-generating activities, and there are also non-core activities.  These do have to be attended to, but could probably wait or shift lower down the pecking order (we'll cover some of these later in this series).

But our advice? What...

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3 People All Entrepreneurs Should Have In Their Corner


So, entrepreneurs - we bet you have met a few people like this...

  • naysayers
  • chronic pessimists
  • gloom casters
  • doubters
  • critics
  • haters
  • energy vampires
  • negative nellies
  • skeptics 
  • prophets of doom
  • and many more.... (don't forget those just waiting to say 'I told you so!)


It seems funny when you list them all out, but this is a serious serious problem for budding business builders!

Change will always (ALWAYS) attract those that want to bring you down, or better still, drag you down.

Whether you are considering making a move to being your own boss, just starting out, or a seasoned business owner - it's worth keeping in mind the support network you will need right now and in the future. Not just to protect your business, but to protect your most important relationships and your own sanity!

If what Jim Rohn said is true, and you really are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, as an entrepreneur you should fiercely protect the voices and energy you...

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The #1 question every entrepreneur should ask right now

If you're a small business owner or entrepreneur, we know you have a lot on your plate!

You are responsible for it all: creating content, delivering product, cash flow, and everything inbetween - right down to ordering stationery!

Even if you are at the stage where you have some help with that stuff (yeah!) you still feel it.  It's ALL ON YOU.

And it's relentless!  The sheer volume of the day to day activities to keep you business going and growing literally never ends!!!

And all that being said, it's MAGICAL isn't it?  And you wouldn't change it for the world! 

Or would you...?

It's something we call 'entrepreneurs remorse' or in simple terms, 'I'm not sure I thought this all through properly'.

Chalene Johnson, a super-successful business owner shared in an interview recently that her and her husband recently realized that the life they had very deliberately created, did not reflect the kind of lifestyle they actually wanted. They created this beast of a company...

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