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Building Your Empowered Business

Imagine what your business could look like if you committed 12 months to learning how best to grow and nurture it!

Paul Martinelli will be your guide as you navigate what can be an overwhelming task for many: making your entrepreneurial journey as successful, profitable, and enjoyable as possible.



Paul Martinelli has built several multi-million dollar businesses from scratch.

What could happen if you applied his thinking to your business for 12 months?  

Many people dream of being an entrepreneur. Some of the braver ones actually follow that dream and launch their own business. But then, if their journey is anything like ours, they soon find them themselves thinking .. maybe this isn’t going to be quite as easy as I thought!

You may have experienced something like this. Even though you have special gifts and talents and the passion to pour into others, turning that into a profitable business can be a challenge when you're first starting out.  

For many people, building a new business can be exciting and scary at the same time. There's so much possibility but there's also SO much to learn.


Where do you start?


We know how you feel. We've all been there. Understanding that this is all perfectly NORMAL can really help! Everyone feels a bit like a fish out of water when they first try something new - it's normal to feel confused and frustrated at times.

It’s not so much that you can’t, more that you just need to find out how. And that’s where this brand new program can really help.


The things that most must never be at the mercy

of the things that matter least ~ Goethe


There is never enough time to everything but there is always enough time to focus on the most important thing. Too often people starting out work hard on their business but they spend too little time on the most important, revenue generating activities. Amongst all of the things that apparently need to be done, they struggle to see the wood for the trees, and end up spending far too much time on non-core activities.

No one has enough time, yet everyone has all there is

The fact is, some things are just not worth your time .. even if you enjoy them. And some things are the most important activities you can possibly engage in .. even if you don’t enjoy them!

Sometimes, getting guidance from someone who’s been there before can really help with deciding what to spend your precious time on.


During this new 12 month program we will :  

  • Help you identify the most important, revenue generating, core activities and what the fastest path to cash is for your business
  • Alongside our special guest experts, we’ll help you quickly understand and save time in necessary but non-core areas (like Pricing, Social Media, Marketing, Legal, IT, Design, Accounting etc.) saving more of your time for the things that will really grow your business
  • Look at the decision making mind of the customer to help you help them say yes to themselves
  • Investigate pricing strategies to leverage your time and maximize your profit per happy customer
  • Examine the mind of the entrepreneur – what holds them back and how they leap forward


Many businesses suffer from the very same fundamental growth problems and so every month, a number of different people will take the LIVE HOT SEAT where Paul will guide them through the process of identifying some of the biggest blocks for their business and some of the biggest opportunities for dramatic growth.

This program is unlike any we have done before and Paul is very keen that the program has the flexibility built in to respond to the real time needs of the program participants and so the program may flex in particular areas where it is obvious more time is required. This will allow us to best serve this elite group of entrepreneurs.

Don't leave your business success to chance - be part of the most focused, productive and empowered business journey you have ever been on!



We start in February 2018!

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