Get Good First Speakers Club

Whether you are already a professional speaker or you are brand new to speaking, this speakers club is for you if you want to develop your speaking skills to build your business, or your career, or your self confidence. Whatever goals you have:

You need to Get Good First!

Are you looking to take your speaking skills to the next level?


There is simply no better way to do that, than to put yourself in an environment that is most conducive to your growth. The Get Good First Speakers Club is that environment. Our goal is clear and simple:

Once you join the Speakers Club, you will receive so much outstanding value on a continual basis that you will never want to leave!

Joining the Speakers Club provides you with the optimum environment to develop your speaking skills so that you can get REALLY GOOD as quickly as possible. The program is also structured in the best way to help you stay engaged in the process for as long as it takes for you go GET GOOD!

The Speakers Club is a continuity program that grows and grows every month, and never stops growing! Each month you will receive inside information from Speaking Professionals, tips and tricks, specific training, teaching and coaching on how to become a better speaker. You will also receive powerful personal growth material, because personal growth is essential to becoming a better speaker. And will help you get clearer on the area that you want to speak on.

Each month you will get an assignment for that month and at the end of that month you will have the opportunity to join a live call so that you can deliver a piece of content live, if you want to. You will then get a live critique there and then from Roddy Galbraith, Speaker Trainer.

Each month three winners will be announced for that month! Les Brown has provided his take on the material each month, and his work will be available to you to model. As part of a community, you will also be able to model each other’s work.


Key Benefits

•  Caters for three different audiences – Entrepreneurs, Corporate, Spiritual

•  9 points and quotes to choose from to work on every month

•  Private club access to all resources on the site

•  Private members only Facebook community

•  Systematically create your own keynote presentation and develop content

•  Structured study program to help you stay on track

•  Share and borrow ideas with the community

•  Professional critique of your story AND on your delivery

•  Model Les Brown’s approach EVERY MONTH

•  Be a part of a Speaking community to brainstorm stories and points

•  Develop structured content that can be used together or piece by piece

•  All calls recorded so you never miss a thing


All this for just $129 per month


Start monthly subscription
$129 per month
(can be cancelled at any time)

Listen to what our satisfied customers are saying .. 

I had more growth and improvement with your feedback on the call and in the few minutes you each gave us at the live event than I have had in my 2 years at Toastmasters

~ Lorna Weston-Smyth


LOVED it! The change in the format took the program from good to outstanding.

~ Demi Chizgi


I want my message to inspire and I want to be a messenger people enjoy listening to. So I believe this format is very useful. Thanks, Paul and Roddy for your time and your insight.

~ Laurie Taylor


I love the "real time" learning model. It enabled me to make course corrections immediately and move forward. Thanks for another opportunity to "jump!" I really appreciate how you both continue to enrich and enhance the mentorship process.

~ Jeane Matheny Hendrix


For me the real time learning is the real deal .. I completely and totally appreciate and value the input/feedback more than I can describe. This is good stuff. This is powerful stuff. For me this is life changing stuff.

~ Jeff Heiser


I like it a lot. Immediate feedback on what we present but also learning more about the art of evaluation, and critiquing a talk with much better educated ears.

~ Mark McAuliffe


Observational learning at a high level!! I have struggled finding my voice and crafting my messages .. thanks to these calls, I can feel the messages that I'm crafting and they are authentic!

~ Brenda Stang


We are speaking, hearing feedback immediately, and then implementing. It doesn't get any better than that. Add in the level of experience of the teachers - Paul Martinelli and Roddy Galbraith and there is nothing like this available anywhere for those who intend to be the best speaker they can be.

~ Mitch Tublin


Great value from both feedback on my speech and hearing the feedback for others’ speeches because it brings us in the practical vs. the theory. Thanks for providing this opportunity.

~ Marc-Andre Gagnon


Wow! I learned so much by being on the calls. There is great value in hearing the speeches and the feedback. Thank you so much. I am blessed to be a part of this.

~ Lois Musselman

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