Ethical Influence & The Power Of Suggestion

Just how do you increase your powers of persuasion so that you have a better chance of getting people to say yes?  This workshop has been designed and prepared to answer that one simple question! 

Developing your powers of influence is critically important.  You will never look at advertising .. at speaking .. webinars and teleseminars .. and everyday life in the same way again! 

Through working with thousands of different people from over 90 different countries around the world and selling millions of dollars of products and services, we have developed our own collection of the most powerful principles of influence.  The techniques come from a range of different fields: NLP .. Hypnotherapy .. CBT .. Rhetoric .. from the science of effective influence and powerful persuasion and more.  We have put the very best of the best together in this recorded half day teleseminar. 

Like all programs in the Speaking for Influence series they will show you:

  • What works and why it works

  • Examples of how we have used it successfully and how you can too

  • Not just what social proof is but how to use it

  • The difference between buyer’s remorse and anticipatory regret .. and more importantly how to leverage each to get more sales 
  • When cognitive dissonance is a problem and when it can help

  • Useful ways to counter resistance

  • Using pain and pleasure as motivators

  • When precision is particularly affective and when it can make things worse 

  • How to use scarcity .. and much, much more


If you would you like to discover some of the secrets of ethical influence and cut out the guess work then this webinar is for you!

You’ll get a comprehensive workbook to work through during the workshop that will also cover:

  • The 5 simple steps to check your communications are powerfully put together

  • The 5 most common mistakes to avoid

  • The one thing you simply MUST not leave out


And as our BONUS gift to you:

A summary cheat sheet that shows you all the best techniques and language in one place so you can put together your messages in a persuasive way quickly and easily – this alone is probably worth the price of the tele-seminar!



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