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You believe your business should support your dream life - so do we.

We help entrepreneurs & small business owners tap into their highest potential, & get paid more to live their passion.
Let's journey together in 2018 as you grow yourself,
& grow your business.

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Build your credibility and influence

Learn how to position yourself in the best possible way, and own your unique giftedness. Make saying YES easy for your clients and customers.

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Owning your own business can be tough. Let's shortcut to success and swerve the mistakes (we've made a ton along the way!)

Don't forget: you are important too

A space where entrepreneurs can recharge, keep themselves topped up, and continue to learn and grow in a community of like-minded peers.

"BAM! Thanks to Paul, Roddy and this group - I reached an all time speaking closing rate of 60%!!!"

Jill Ann Anderson

"By following this program and using the techniques to remove my invisible boundaries, I've increased my capacity to fulfill my purpose and live my dream life."

Tony Sims

"I was in a financial wasteland with my paradigm of thinking! Four months later, I am more confident and I am thinking bigger, braver and making the money I had never seen"

Barbara Makie


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